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International Chemicals & Petrochemicals and Laboratory Equipments Exhibition welcomes visitors and international exhibitors in Casablanca

it exclusively focuses on the chemicals and laboratory sector and it brings together suppliers and purchasers in Morocco.
The chemical industry is one of the key sector of African economy.
The Chemical occupies an important place in the national economy of Morocco through their product diversity and their organic link with upstream and downstream economic activities. Chemical industry after 2013 have experienced huge growth, partly as a direct consequence of the government's policy for the sector, and partly through a change in consumer habits.

Exhibitors serve the following industries:

• Fine chemical industry
• Agrochemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Adhesives & sealants
• Paints & coatings
• Colourants & dyestuffs
• Flavours & fragrances
• Cosmetics, toiletries & personal care
• Electronic chemicals
• Household & industrial cleaning detergents
• Leather & textile chemicals
• Plastics additives
• Food & feed ingredients
• Surfactants
• Oilfield/mining chemicals
• Pulp & paper chemicals
• Reprographic chemicals/ ink chemicals
• Water treatment chemicals
• Polymers
• Petrochemicals
• Biocides
• Catalysts

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